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Blue CrabBLUE CRABS:   Maryland crab season runs from April through November. During these months we stay primarily in Maryland, Then we move down the coast to maintain a constant supply of crabs year round, selecting only the best of the best.  

CRABMEAT:     As with our crabs, Maryland crabmeat is known to be the best! This is due to the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and our special own steaming method of the crabs.

SOFT-SHELL CRABS:   From Maryland's Chesapeake Bay, A delicacy you just have to try to appreciate.



LOBSTERS:    There are lobsters, and then there are MAINE LOBSTERS. Without a doubt these are the best meals the sea can offer due to the cold, clean, pristine waters of the North Atlantic.





CRAYFISH:  Crawfish, crawdads, what ever you call them, they are delicious. Ours are farm raised in fresh water pools in Louisiana. Shipped around the world they are known to be the best.





CLAMS:   Many people love our clams due to the fact they are farmed raised and have have very little sand and an out of this world taste due to the crisp clean waters they come from.  They are delivered to our store the day after they are farmed for the freshest clam available.  The best days to buy and eat these clams are Tuesdays and Thursdays when our deliveries arrive. They are harvested  from a certified NJ clam grower.

SCALLOPS:   From boats out of New Bedford, Mass, scallops are delivered to us overnight ensuring freshness.

OYSTERS:    Like all our shellfish product's, these are  are from certified dealers. Oyster are available year round, due  to the changing seasons of different states. Like clams they also can be farm raised, which also makes them available all year.


SHRIMP:   The Gulf of Mexico produces the finest shrimp in the world. The three types are white, pink,and brown and all are very good. A few of the areas we purchase from are Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Panama, Honduras and Mexico.




ALASKAN CRABS:   King, Snow and Dungeness are our Alaskan products, and again the cold Arctic waters they come from gives them the edge on flavor.  


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