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How to Dress Live Soft Shell Crabs

in four easy steps


Dressing Softshell Step 1 Diagram

With your thumb or a knife point, pry up apron flap on the under side of crab

cut off wear apron meets back.

Dressing Softshell Step 2 Diagram

Next remove the face and eyes by making a cut 3/8 of a inch behind the eyes,

threw both top and bottom shells. (you may use either a knife or shears).

Dressing Softshell Step 2A Diagram

Grasp thumb and forefinger at point on top shell lift up and back,

towards the center of crab, stop at center of shell.

Dressing Softshell Step 3 Diagram

With your fingers or a knife remove sections A, (these are the lungs).

Do this on both sides (one side at a time).

Dressing Softshell Step 4 Diagram

Wash raw crab before cooking to remove debris.

You are ready to cook!



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